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Body Composition

Are Pre-Test Restrictions and Requirements Giving You False Results?

Most scales provide “conditional accuracy” dependent on following certain rules and restrictions prior to body composition testing.

Most professional-grade body composition analyzers and scales that utilize bio-impedance require the end user or patient to adhere to a series of restrictions before and during the test period.  Some of the restrictions are small.  Some are large.  Regardless, adherence to the pre-test conditions is required by those scales to deliver accurate results.  On the one hand, having such a specific and thorough process to follow can allow for consistent testing conditions over time, thus theoretically leading to more accurate outcomes.

Pre-test restrictions are demanding, largely unfollowed, and causing inaccurate, fluctuating readings – the Body Fat Bounce Effect.

On the other, however, having such exhaustive requirements almost makes certain that they won’t be adhered to on the day of measurement and certainly won’t be consistently followed over time, thus leading to wildly varying measurements.  We call this the Body Fat Bounce effect, and its a source of major patient confusion and provider frustration.

The BodyCompScale BCS Elite features proprietary Ohms Modulation Logic, which delivers exceptional performance and accuracy with the Fewest Pre-Test Conditions.

The BodyCompScale BCS Elite has only 1 pre-test restriction, and it’s related to premenstrual water retention and thus can be planned for, unlike some other restrictions, which include forbidding eating a snack within 4 hours or having a cocktail the night before.  In fact, by far, the BCS Elite has the fewest testing preconditions of any similar body composition device thanks to proprietary Ohms Modulation Logic™.

Check out the graphic below that compares the BCS Elite to two competing scales and see for yourself the freedom and convenience the BodyCompScale provides while maintaining industry-leading accuracy, operator-friendliness, and affordability.