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Avoiding the Body Fat Bounce Effect

By July 24, 2018August 13th, 2018No Comments

What is the Body Fat Bounce Effect?

Imagine a patient in your office for a weigh-in after two weeks of strict adherence to a weight-loss program. She’s exercised, eaten well, feels great, and has clearly reduced fat across her body. When you perform a body composition analysis to compare to her baseline, the device reports a sharp increase in body fat despite her significant weight loss. What happened? This is the body fat bounce effect – the frequent ups and downs of body fat values reported by many bio-impedance body composition scales when their lists of testing requirements are not met. Dehydration, menstruation, or even a recent bathroom visit can invalidate the results, leading invariably to patient confusion and disappointment.

Solving the Body Fat Bounce Effect

Eliminate pre-test restrictions and you defeat the body fat bounce effect.  Watch the video below to see how the BodyCompScale BCS Elite’s exclusive Ohms Modulation Logic technology eliminates the pretest requirements that create the body fat bounce effect.