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Three Models to Meet Your Needs

BCS Elite 1
Convenient and Accessible

The BCS Elite 1 BodyCompScale utilizes an upper-body measurement approach to calculate body composition, so patients don’t have to remove their shoes and socks.

This benefit that can tremendously help morbidly obese, elderly, handicapped, and movement-impaired individuals stay motivated and avoid the psychological and physical stress of taking their shoes and socks off and on.

BCS Elite 2
Our Best-Selling BodyCompScale

The BCS Elite-2 BodyCompScale features a full-body measurement that quickly delivers accurate, precision body composition information.  Core info such as weight and body fat % are displayed immediately on the LED display, while more detailed information can be printed instantly on plain white paper or showcased on our engaging, patient-motivating, report templates.

BCS Elite 3
Get the complete picture

The BCS Elite-3 expands the capabilities of the BCS Elite-2 and enables fat distribution analysis.  Perfect for cosmetic surgeons, medical spas, commercial weight loss programs, fitness clubs, and physicians looking to maximize the added value of the testing experience, the BCS Elite-3 not only measures your overall body fat percentage, but it tells you where the fat is located so specific fat-targeting strategies can be implemented.

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A Scale for Every Need

The BCS Elite is designed to measure patients quickly, accurately, and conveniently. The BCS Elite 1 allows patients to leave their shoes and socks on - a huge benefit for the elderly, handicapped, and obese. Record full body measurements with the BCS Elite-2 body composition scale, and include a fat distribution analysis with the BCS Elite-3 body composition scale. One price. Your choice.

No Pretest Restrictions

The BodyCompScale is the only body composition scale built for real-world situations, not the rigid restrictions required by other scales for accurate measurements. Thanks to exclusive Ohms Modulation Logic, the BCS Elite accurately measures body composition, body fat, BMI, BMR, muscle mass, body water, visceral fat - and much more - without restrictions.

Ultra-Rapid Measurements

Weight, body fat, and BMI are displayed in 6 seconds, while the full report can be printed in 10, so you can spend less time pushing buttons and more with your patients.

No Training Necessary

Smart meets simple. The BCS Elite is so easy to operate staff can begin testing just minutes after setup. With the BodyCompScale, it’s easier than ever to measure body composition.

Print Results

Print detailed, professional reports to put in your files or hand to your patients. “Quick-print” gives you a fast readout. “Graphic” print produces a high-quality, illustrated report in full color for a beautiful display of composition results.

New Revenue Stream

Market, motivate, and monetize – with the BodyCompScale Elite and exclusive patient report templates, you can increase sales, signups, and client satisfaction.
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Hover over circles to learn more

Weight, body fat, and BMI are shown instantly on the bright LED display for rapid viewing without the need to print.
Entering height, age, and following the displayed prompts is simple and straightforward on the large, easy press buttons.
It only takes six seconds BCS Elite to measure the patient’s body composition after gripping the handles on the scale head. The patient won’t feel anything and the results are automatically displayed.
Print detailed results by choosing either “QuickPrint” for a one-page plain-paper printout or “Graphic” for a 5-page, full-color, illustrated patient report that doesn’t use up color ink
Durable, high-strength aluminum-built body can weather a constant stream of patients.

The BodyCompScale makes professional body composition testing quick, convenient, and accurate with no pre-test restrictions.

The Most User-Friendly Body Composition Scale Available

Save time, money, and headaches while staying focused on people, not machines.

The BCS is so user-friendly there's no training necessary. You'll probably never even need to open the manual. At every step you're guided by clear prompts and visual guides.

Weight Capacity

Accessible to All

Quickly and easily measure more patients - especially those that need you the most

The BCS Elite's 700-pound capacity platform requires no disrobing or electrodes and can accommodate almost any patient. The BCS-1 allows patients with limited mobility or other health concerns leave on their socks and shoes on.

Patient Printouts

Increase revenue, positive word of mouth, and patient motivation with our powerful graphic printouts

After each test, choose between plain paper or graphic-rich printouts that help patients connect with their results emotionally to make lifestyle changes. We have adult, pediatric, and fitness templates and more coming soon.

Beyond Accuracy – Reliability

Always have the best information you can trust. Build rapport. Deliver consistently.

Unlike most other bio-impedance scales, the BodyCompScale has no pre-test conditions, meaning you get accurate results with every test in real-world environments.

Ultra-Fast Testing

More time with patients. Less money wasted on staff operations. Happier patients appreciate convenience. Win-win-win.

A 6-second grip is all it takes for the BodyCompScale to measure the fundamental markers of body composition. A single-page summary printout is in your hands in under 30 seconds and a 5-five, full-color graphic report is finished in under 60 seconds.

Strict Quality Standards

Your investment is safe and durable. 100% quality guarantee. If the scale ever has a problem, we'll make sure we correct it - immediately.

The BodyCompScale is the only medical body composition scale that's made in the US by an American company. Valhalla Scientific has 48 years of expertise manufacturing precision electronic test and measurement instruments used by many of the world's largest corporations.

FDA-approved, ISO-certified, Made in USA, 1-Year Warranty

Results You Can Trust

Thanks to proprietary Ohms Modulation LogicTM technology, the BCS Elite is able to deliver real-world accuracy and consistent reliability when scales costing thousands more simply cannot.

Watch "The Body Fat Bounce Effect" (60s)

The BodyCompScale BCS Is the Complete Package

1 Year Scale Warranty

Every BCS Elite package includes a comprehensive 1-year scale warranty which covers any costs associated with repairing or replacing your scale – including any shipping costs.  Because BodyCompScale’s are meticulously engineered for durability, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to send it in, but if anything ever goes wrong, we’ll fix it.

Free HP Printer Included

Start printing dynamic client results sheets right away with color inkjet printer included with your order.  We even have wireless options that don’t require a router – just plug in and the BodyCompScale knows that to do.

World-Class Personal Support

Even after your warranty period, a real person will always answer the phone when you call, and our top engineers, including the ones that designed your BodyCompScale, are available to take your questions and ensure your total satisfaction.

Our customer relationships are our #1 priority.

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