A Scale for Every Need

Get the data you need, however you need it. The BCS Elite Scale comes in three separate models, each of which gives customized results. Get upper body measurements with the BCS Elite-1 body composition scale, full body measurements with the BCS Elite-2 body composition scale, and fat distribution analysis with the BCS Elite-3 body composition scale. Choose your model and get the information that’s pertinent to your needs.

No Pretest Restrictions

Thanks to exclusive Ohms Modulation Logic®, the BodyCompScale is the only body composition scale built for real-world situations where people live their actual lives, not the stringent routines required by other scales in order to get an accurate measurement.

Ultra-Rapid Measurements

The BodyCompScale doesn't waste your time. Weight, body fat, muscle mass, and BMI are displayed in just 6 seconds, and detailed body composition analysis prints in just 10 seconds, so you can spend less time testing and more with your patients. Results appear right on the LED, so there’s no need to print.

No Training Necessary

Smart meets simple. You don’t even need a manual (but we include one anyway). The BCS Elite Scale fits right into your office workflow and staff can begin testing in just minutes after setup. With the BodyCompScale, it’s easier than ever to measure body composition. Simply press a few buttons to enter patient info, and then get the results instantly.

Print Results

Print detailed, professional reports to put in your files or hand to your patients. “Quick-print” gives you a fast readout. “Graphic” print produces a high-quality, illustrated report in full color for a beautiful display of composition results.

New Revenue Stream

Market, motivate, and monetize – with the BodyCompScale Elite and exclusive patient report templates, you can increase sales, signups, and client satisfaction.

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Weight, body fat, and BMI are shown instantly on the bright LED display for rapid viewing without the need to print.
Entering height, age, and following the displayed prompts is simple and straightforward on the large, easy press buttons.
It only takes six seconds BCS Elite to measure the patient’s body composition after gripping the handles on the scale head. The patient won’t feel anything and the results are automatically displayed.
Print detailed results by choosing either “QuickPrint” for a one-page plain-paper printout or “Graphic” for a 5-page, full-color, illustrated patient report that doesn’t use up color ink
Durable, high-strength aluminum-built body can weather a constant stream of patients.

No Pre-Test Restrictions Mean Results You Can Trust

You’d be surprised what can make other scales give false readings

Thanks to proprietary Ohms Modulation LogicTM technology, the BCS Elite is able to deliver real-world accuracy and consistent reliability when scales costing thousands more simply cannot.

Three Models to Meet Your Needs

BCS Elite 3

Get the complete picture

The BCS Elite-3 expands the capabilities of the BCS Elite-2 and enables fat distribution analysis.  Perfect for cosmetic surgeons, medical spas, commercial weight loss programs, fitness clubs, and physicians looking to maximize the added value of the testing experience, the BCS Elite-3 not only measures your overall body fat percentage, but it tells you where the fat is located so specific fat-targeting strategies can be implemented.

BCS Elite 2

Our best-selling BodyCompScale

The BCS Elite-2 BodyCompScale features a full-body measurement that quickly delivers accurate, precision body composition information.  Core info such as weight and body fat % are displayed immediately on the LED display, while more detailed information can be printed instantly on plain white paper or showcased on our engaging, patient-motivating, report templates.

There’s no faster, easier-to-use, body composition scale available that offers the revenue-generating possibilities of the BodyCompScale

BCS Elite 1

Shoes and socks can stay on

The BCS Elite 1 BodyCompScale utilizes and upper-body measurement approach to calculate its body composition metrics.  The result is that shoes and socks can be left on.  This is an easily overlooked benefit that can tremendously help morbidly obese, elderly, handicapped, and movement-impaired individuals through the testing process.  Many are simply embarrassed by their feet or how long it takes to remove and put back on their shoes – and, with the BCS Elite-1, that isn’t an issue.

You sacrifice only 1% in accuracy vs. the BCS-2 and BCS-3, but, for certain populations, it’s the difference between getting measured and not getting measured.

The BodyCompScale BCS Is the Complete Package

1 Year Scale Warranty

Enjoy ease of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong with your BCS Elite, we’ll take care of it for the first year. The most common problems, however, can usually be solved quickly over the phone or by watching one of quick support videos.

15 HP Printers to Choose From

Start printing dynamic client results sheets right away with color inkjet printer included with your order.  We even have wireless options that don’t require a router – just plug in and the BodyCompScale knows that to do.

View All Compatible Printers

World-Class Support

Even after your warranty period, a real person will always answer the phone when you call, and our top engineers, including the ones that designed your BodyCompScale, are available to take your questions and ensure your total satisfaction.

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St. Elizabeth Healthcare
University of Miami
Memorial Healthcare System
Koko FitClub
Lindora Comprehensive Weight Control
Kaiser Permanente
The Center for Medical Weight Loss
Sam Houston State University
Fullerton College
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University of Edinburgh
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