3-Page Fitness Printout


Our 3-page fitness printout emphasizes sport, physical activity, and athleticism – so it’s the perfect client report for gyms, clubs, teams, and physical education departments.  All the client’s body composition data is presented in three pages that contextualize “normal” ranges and health topics for fitness-centered organizations.

A perfect incentive for new client signups and as premium upsells for normal testing that can generate serious revenue.

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Comprehensive Body Composition Report in Just 5 Seconds

Elevate the Everyday & Deliver Better Results.

Exclusively for the BodyCompScale, our single-page results printout provides a full-scope picture of the user’s body fat, muscle, water, metabolism, BMI, and more.  Additionally, it educates patients and shows them how their numbers compare to healthy standard ranges.

Weight / BMI

  • Total Body Weight (kg/lbs)
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Mass Index Percentile

Body Fat Analysis

  • Total Body Fat (kg/lbs)
  • Total Body Fat (%)
  • Fat Distribution Analysis (kg/lbs)
  • Fat Distribution Analysis(%)
  • Visceral Fat

Muscle Mass & Water

  • Muscle Mass (kg/lbs)
  • Muscle Mass (%)
  • Body Water (kg/lbs)
  • Body Water (%)

Metabolic Rate

  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Activity-Based Metabolism
  • Daily Calorie Requirements

Our 1-Page Rapid Results Printout

Superior patient reports set you apart
  • Prints in 5 seconds
  • Easy to read & understand
  • Graphics and charts enhance comprehension
  • Normal/healthy ranges contextualize patient data
  • Deliver a premium experience
  • Effective marketing tool (Free premium report w/ signup)
  • Uses black ink only

Other Patient Reports

Complicated and Confusing
  • Describing intricate biological processes causes more patient confusion
  • Few, if any images – mostly graphs and raw values
  • Relevant patient data diluted among extraneous data

A Perpetual Revenue Stream

Our patient report templates are a win-win for doctors and patients.  The patients are educated about their body composition in a way that powerfully engages them.  For providers, the reports act as a source of ongoing revenue, making the BodyCompScale not a passive instrument, but a cash-generating machine.

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