Elite 1

Shoes/Socks Can Stay On
Fast & Convenient

The BCS Elite 1 BodyCompScale utilizes an upper-body measurement approach to calculate body composition, so patients don’t have to remove their shoes and socks.

This benefit that can tremendously help morbidly obese, elderly, handicapped and movement-impaired individuals stay motivated and avoid the psychological and physical stress of taking their shoes and socks off and on.

Elite 2

Full-Body Measurement
Bare Feet Required

The BCS Elite-2 BodyCompScale features a full-body measurement that quickly delivers accurate, precision body composition information.  Core info such as weight and body fat % are displayed immediately on the LED display, while more detailed information can be printed instantly on plain white paper or showcased on our engaging, patient-motivating, report templates.

Elite 3

Fat Distribution Analysis
Bare Feet Required

The BCS Elite-3 expands the capabilities of the BCS Elite-2 and enables fat distribution analysis.  Perfect for cosmetic surgeons, medical spas, commercial weight loss programs, fitness clubs, and physicians looking to maximize the added value of the testing experience, the BCS Elite-3 not only measures your overall body fat percentage, but it tells you where the fat is located so specific fat-targeting strategies can be implemented.

No Color Ink Used

1-Page Rapid Report Prints in 5 Seconds

Pre-Test Restrictions

All The Details At A Glance

Download Spec Sheet

All The Details At A Glance

Advanced Body Composition Technology

The BodyCompScale makes accurate, precise, and detailed body composition testing quick and easy

Body Composition Metrics
  • Body Weight
  • Body Fat
  • Body Water
  • Muscle Mass
  • Visceral Fat
  • Fat Distribution
  • Fat-Free Mass
  • Body Mass Index
  • BMI Percentile
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Active Metabolic Rates
  • Health Risk Assessment

Simple Yet Precise

The BodyCompScale makes getting accurate results easy. Designed for physicians and other healthcare professionals, as well as patients and fitness centers, the body composition scale combines a user-friendly interface with detailed data analysis reports. The result is a precise, yet accessible instrument for measuring changes in fitness and wellness. No training required. No advanced knowledge needed.

Fast and Realistic

Get realistic data in real-time. With the BodyCompScale, there’s no need to comply with a long list of preset conditions. That allows healthcare professionals to monitor a patient’s composition quickly—and in real-world situations, not modeled scenarios. The body composition scale also provides fast readings. Get instant weight, body fat, and BMI measurements. Print out detailed body composition analysis reports in less than 10 seconds.

Exclusive Ohms Modulation LogicTM Technology

Only the BodyCompScale has no pre-test conditions for accurate results

Tried.  Tested.  Trusted.

Featured in Dozens of Peer-Reviewed Journals

Thorough and Exact

There’s a direct correlation between body composition and overall health. Excess fat and other imbalances are key risk factors for any number of diseases. It’s no longer enough to monitor weight gain and weight loss or even BMI. Using professional scales to measure the precise composition of the body—what percentage is muscle, fat, and water—yields a deeper and more practical understanding of an individual’s health.  The BodyCompScale does the work of three professional scales. It is a bio impedance scale, a BMI scale, and a bariatric scale combined into one convenient unit. Measure weight gain, weight loss, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage, total water percentage, and more—all with one easy-to-use scale. In other words, the BodyCompScale gives physicians, patients, and wellness experts everything they need to make well-informed judgments and assess possible risk factors.

Versatile and Customized

The BodyCompScale comes in three different models, each one designed to meet specific needs.

  • BCS Elite-1: Offers upper body measurements. Eliminates the need to remove shoes and socks. Ideal for morbidly obese, elderly, or handicapped patients who may have trouble removing their socks and shoes.
  • BCS Elite-2: Offers full body measurements and composition analysis. Our most comprehensive and best-selling scale.
  • BCS Elite 3: Offers a segmental analysis of fat distribution. Measure not only the percentage of fat but, also, the location of the fat. Ideal for bariatric surgery centers, weight loss clinics, gyms, and doctor’s offices.

Mastering the Science of Precision Measurement

Valhalla Scientific has been developing precision measuring devices, including body composition scales, for over 40 years. In that time, we’ve mastered the science of advanced electronic measuring. We’ve brought all of our expertise to bear on the construction of the BodyCompScale. After years of development and testing, we’re confident each scale meets the highest standards for accuracy and user-friendliness.