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G6 Series

Stronger, Smarter, Faster - And No Training Required

  • Reliable, consistent accuracy with no pre-test restrictions
  • Segmental analysis measures fat distribution across the body
  • Critical visceral fat testing can save lives
  • Six-window display for quick viewing
  • Results in hand in under 30 seconds
  • Extra-large, 1000-pound capacity industrial platform can handle hundreds of thousands of patients

Body Composition Testing Designed for Physicians, Weight-Loss Clinics, and Medical Spas

The patient is your focus.  You are ours.  Our body composition analyzers combine the power of a sophisticated medical instrument with the ease and simplicity of a traditional weight-only scale.  Spend time with patients, not complicated scale menus.  Get accurate, consistent test data – every time – and build trust in your program – with the BodyCompScale.

Smiling Doctor Patient

No Pre-Test Restrictions

Fewer Restrictions = Greater Reliability

Pre-test restrictions limit the effective accuracy of a body composition device because they limit the number of real-world conditions under which testing can take place.  More restrictions mean less accuracy, greater measurement fluctuations, and significantly more stress for both the operator and patient/end-user.

Only the BodyCompScale has ZERO pre-test conditions.

Play Video

Watch “The Body Fat Bounce Effect” (60s)

Source Material: InBody 570 manual and Tanita MC-780 manual.

Color Without Ink

Print in seconds on plain paper or our dynamic report templates

The BodyCompScale printouts are designed as a premium up-sell to engage and educate your patients while increasing revenues.  Our full-color templates provide relevant health information, contextualize results, and can be customized to your needs and your brand.

Best of all, the templates are pre-printed, so you never need color ink.  And you can always print on plain paper.

Explore Printout Templates

3 Things You Need to Know When Buying A Body Composition Scale


Are There Pre-Test Conditions?

To ensure accurate testing in real-world conditions, make sure there are no pre-test restrictions. All BodyCompScales have no pre-test conditions, so results are accurate and repeatable.

Pre-Test Conditions Affect Accuracy

Each pre-test condition increases the likelihood of errors in patient results. The more restrictions there are, the less likely the average patient is to meet them all.

Does It Have OML Technology?

Exclusive Ohms Modulation Logic™ enables the BodyCompScale to deliver accurate, comprehensive body composition data while eliminating all pre-test restrictions.

See the Big Picture

Better data means smarter decisions

The BodyCompScale provides the critical body composition data you and your patients need to make smart, effective health and weight-loss decisions.

  • Body Weight
  • Body Fat
  • Body Fat %
  • Body Water
  • Body Water %
  • Muscle Mass
  • Muscle Mass %
  • Visceral Fat
  • Fat Distribution
  • Fat-Free Mass
  • BMI
  • BMI Percentile
  • BMR
  • Active Burn
  • Health Risks

The BodyCompScale not only paid for itself in a few weeks with the printout templates, it helped boost the sales of all my other products and services.

Kathy RipscoKJR Beauty and Med Spas

My patient revenue increased 30% in 6 weeks as a direct result of adding the BodyCompScale to my practice. I have since purchased my second.

Dr. Victor BautistaPracticing Physician

"For the past 18 years Valhalla Scientific has provided the BodyCompScale to our weight loss clinics throughout southern California. We are very pleased with the performance of the BodyCompScale and Valhalla's level of service."

Steve StamperLindora Medical Weight Loss

'We generated an $2,700 in additional revenue in just the first 30 days of owning the BodyCompScale."

John MartinBeverly Hills Weight Loss

Tried. Tested. Trusted.

The BodyCompScale is utilized by countless peer-reviewed studies.

Precision Measurement is What We Do

Since 1971 we’ve mastered the science and engineering of accurate, precise, repeatable electronic measurement.  The BodyCompScale is the result of decades of critical expertise in the science of measurement and is the only body composition analyzer made in the United States by an American business.