About the BodyCompScale

The BodyCompScale sets the bar for accuracy. A highly precise instrument for measuring body mass index, body fat, muscle mass, total body water, it’s a regular feature in doctor’s offices, fitness clubs, cosmetic surgery centers, weight loss clinics, and medical spas around the world. Here, cutting-edge technology meets quality construction and superior design. Here, precision gets its name.

Redefining Accuracy

Only the BodyCompScale uses exclusive Ohms Modulation Logic®, which delivers the fastest and most detailed readings. Designed and manufactured by the medical division of Valhalla Scientific, the scale combines comprehensive weight loss testing with cutting-edge body fat composition and distribution analysis.

Delivering Results

Wherever physicians, therapists, and patients need advanced body fat index measurements, the BodyCompScale is there. Wherever clinics and businesses need to streamline testing and generate additional revenue, the BodyCompScale is there. Wherever results are needed, the BodyCompScale delivers.

About Valhalla Scientific

When Precision Counts

For almost 50 years, Valhalla Scientific has led the way in the manufacture of precision electronics. Our customer base is global and diverse. Our products are used every single day by medical, aerospace, military, energy, and manufacturing organizations from one end of the world to the other.

Superior Technology for Businesses

We owe our success to technical mastery and business acumen. We know what businesses need, and we know how to deliver the technology that solves their problems. No matter the industry, no matter the need, our innovative solutions help businesses get better results, and we help them do it quicker and more easily.

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