Details Make The Difference

The BCS Elite Series utilizes exclusive Ohms Modulation Logic® to provide the most accurate body fat measurements in real-world situations. Combining a bioimpedance scale, a BMI scale, and a medical bariatric scale, the BCS Elite delivers professional fat and weight loss testing, metabolic measurement, and fat distribution analysis.

Simplify the Measurement Process

The BodyCompScale makes measuring easy. It has already been calibrated in the factory, so there’s no need to adjust it before use. Simply assemble the unit, plug in into a power source, and answer a few simple questions to start up the scale. An intuitive LED display provides quick, accurate, and easy-to-read results—no training necessary.

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Impressive Prints

The BCS scale is capable of printing high-quality, color-rich reports, as well as simple text. That allows physicians and therapists to share results with their patients or clients while saving copies for their medical records. Equipped with an accessible USB port and compatible with a number of different HP printers, the Elite series prints impressive results whenever and however you need them.

Take a look at the full specifications to learn more about the unique advantages of the BCS Elite series.

Quality. Craftmanship. Technology.

Available in three different models—the BCS 3 for Segmental Analysis, the BCS 2 for Whole Body Analysis, and the BCS 1 for Upper Body Analysis — the Elite Series can accommodate a diverse set of needs.  No matter which model you select, the BCS Elite scale offers superior technology and quality construction. It’s designed to withstand daily use in high-traffic settings. The BodyCompScale’s solid platform can support patients up to 700 pounds, while its advanced circuitry can operate in temperatures ranging from 0°-50° C.