BCS EliteBody Composition

Scale Comparison Chart

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 BCS Elite SeriesTanita BC-418 PKGInBody Model 230Seca Model 514
Measurement time15 sec60 sec1-2 min17 sec
Training required for testing and interpretation5 min30-60 minOnline TrainingMultiple Options
Electrode positioning (static is preferred as it enables consistently accurate measurements)StaticDynamicDynamicStatic
Accuracy (body fat)+/- 2%+/- 2%+/- 1.8%+/- 2%
Pre-test requirements for accurate results (%BF)11164
Recent mealOK To TestNo TestNo TestNo Test
Recent exerciseOK To TestNo TestNo TestNo Test
Full bladderOK To TestNo TestNo TestNo Test
EdemaNo TestNo TestNo TestNo Test
Scale weight capacity700 lbs440 lbs550 lbs660 lbs
Edema volume monitoring via changes in intra/extra cellular fluidNYYY
3-window LED displays weight, body fat %, BMIYNNYes
5-page graphic report includes weight, percent + total body fat, percent + total body water, percent + total muscle mass, BMI, fat free mass, visceral fatYNNN
Printout formats available2113+
Activity-based caloric burn ratesYNNN
Bariatric patient reportYNNCustom
Select plain paper or graphic printout at any timeYNNCustom
Athletic patient reportYNNCustom
Print full-page graphic report without computerYNNY
FDA registeredYYYY
Qualifies AMA CPT Code 0358TYYYY
Designed and manufactured in USAYNNN
Warranty1 yr1 yr1 yr2 yr